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Pre-pharmacy Program

If you are interested in completing a Pharmacy Doctorate or a BS in Pharmacology & Toxicology, you may start your course sequence here, and then transfer to UW-Madison or other pharmacy schools. There are certain courses which must be completed in order to be admitted to UW-Madison’s program.

The following courses should be completed in your freshman and sophomore years: Chemistry 105 and 106 or 117, 325, 326; Mathematics 225 and 255; Physics 203 and 204 (or 240 and 250); Biology 160 and 130 (or 210), and Biology 333.

Other courses required for admission to Madison's program: English 202 or 150; Economics 111; Sociology 101 or Anthropology 101 or 110; Psychology 110 or 320 or Sociology 310. For additional information, a pre-pharmacy advisor can be consulted. Please see the UW-Stevens Point Course Catalog for more information.

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